SAKI webinar | X-ray made easy

27.10.2021 TOT 27.10.2021 online


The trend towards high-density PCBs and package miniaturization is being driven by the ever-increasing complexity of high-tech electronic devices and products. Packages with hidden joints such as BGAs, LGAs, QFNs are very common, yet conventional inspection methods often struggle to find these hidden joints and challenging soldering defects that can affect such components.

X-Ray Systems

To perform this type of inspection accurately, X-Ray systems are the solution of choice. However, conventional X-Ray systems are typically associated with long programming times, heavy workloads, and the need for highly trained and experienced operators. With the next generation of AXI solutions this is no longer true.

Webinar 27th of October 2021

Join the webinar of SAKI to discover how to overcome these complex inspection challenges with the next generation of highly reliable and stable AXI machines that offer the same easy and simple programming as you are accustomed to with your SPI and AOI solutions.

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