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Challenging the creation of new value

Since its establishment in 1994, Saki Corporation has acquired a worldwide position in the field of automated visual inspection equipment for printed circuit board assembly. The Company has achieved this important goal guided by the motto embodied in its corporate principle — “Challenging the creation of new value.”

Customer satisfaction, product quality, and employee satisfaction are all high priorities, and have been integrated into Saki’s comprehensive management plan. Incorporating the spirit of these priorities into its strategies for worldwide expansion, Saki has continued to maintain stable growth over the long term while securing a top position in the global market for its brand name products.

The robotics industry plays a key role in the development of the global economy. Saki Corporation endeavors to promote the development of this rapidly expanding and changing industry as it continues to achieve its goal to increase its contribution to societies around the world.

Corporate Mission

Saki is dedicated to serving the needs of its customers, advancing innovation, producing quality products, creating a positive work environment, and recognizing our mission as a global top-tier brand company to continuously deal with environmental conservation and preserve the earth’s limited resources.

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