Expertise since 1975

In past decades Smans has grown to become the market leader in the Benelux for the electronics sector (SMT) and companies working in cable assembly and wire harnessing. These companies trust us as a full-service partner for the delivery and installation of the right appliances, machines and automated production lines. We offer maximum cooperation with our customers to make sure they stay competitive in their specialised field. We also provide our customers with the right consumables to produce efficiently with the highest quality.

Full-service partner offering proactive cooperation
Our service goes far beyond the sale and installation of appliances, machines and production lines.

We first and foremost put all our energy into providing the right advice. We analyse your needs and requirements to offer the solution to give you the best competitive advantage.

On installation we guarantee maximum automation and integration in your existing production lines.

An optional preventive maintenance contract keeps your machinery in prime condition. Should there be technical faults, our service team arrives on-site as quickly as possible.

The best brands worldwide
Throughout the years we have built up a portfolio of worldwide brands with exclusive representation in the Benelux.

Thanks to this wide product range we have the right solution for any possible requirement. You can accordingly count on independent advice for the best options.

Expertise since 1975
Smans was established in 1975 by Norbert Smans. The company soon started concentrating on electronics (SMT) and cable assembly. This focus allowed Smans to gain enormous expertise.

In 2017 the continuity of the company was assured by a management buy-out with CEO Jan Van Lieshout, technical director Nick Janssens and sales director Aad Vermaat as new partners.

At your service!

Our employees make the difference with their expertise and experience. We work as a close and highly motivated team to join with our customers from the electronics sector (SMT) and cable assembly to provide the right machines and associated customer service.

Nick Janssens
Technical director & Sales
0032 14 47 19 91

Jan Van Lieshout
0032 14 47 19 95

Aad Vermaat
Sales Director
0032 14 47 19 94

Roy van Alphen
0032 14 47 19 92

Bart Van Biesen
Sales BeLux
0032 14 47 19 84

Inge Peeters
Back Office
0032 14 47 19 85

Els Bosmans
Back Office
0032 14 47 19 88

Elly Van Gestel
Back Office
0032 14 47 19 87

Dennis Baumers
Back Office
0032 14 47 19 96

Paul Hendrickx
Service & Projecten
0032 14 47 19 90

Kevin Van Boxel
0032 14 47 19 98

Ernst Vermeiren
0032 14 47 19 82

Niels Mathyssen
0032 14 47 19 86

Bart van de Lisdonk
Service & Proces Expert
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Erik Hendrickx
0032 14 47 19 89

Kris Syroit
0032 14 47 19 81

Stef Bouwens
0032 14 47 19 93

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