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In-house solder analysis

As a full-service partner we offer you full guidance using all our knowledge and passion so you can continue to grow. We want to raise your production to a higher level, and that is why we enjoy investing in all the necessary resources to satisfy your wishes even better.

You can now approach us for complete control of the soldering process.

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The right machine for any requirement

Smans’ power lies in its in-depth knowledge of the two business sectors in which we operate: electronics (SMT) and wire assembly. Expertise built up over many years enables us to correctly analyse your needs and requirements. This in-depth analysis forms the basis for individual advice and our proposal of the most suitable machine or installation. We know both the possibilities and limitations associated with all our machines and installations. But our advisory role doesn’t stop there. Our specialists also proactively join with you to work on the intelligent automation of your production lines, increased traceability, the improvement of your production flexibility, optimising quality control, etc.

Market leader in the Benelux

As the market leader in the Benelux for suppling electronics companies and enterprises working in wire assembly, we dispose of a comprehensive portfolio of worldwide specialised brands.

Your independent adviser

Our extensive range means we can guarantee the right solution for each customer.

While some brands are known for their high-end solutions, other brands stand out strongly by their excellent price/quality ratio.

In our independent capacity, our specialists offer you advice in line with your own particular needs.

Installation & integration
Installation, integration and configuration of your machines

Machinery at electronics companies (SMT) and companies working in cable assembly is increasingly evolving towards fully automatic, intelligent and fully integrated production lines. Our installation service includes both the installation and configuration of freestanding machines as well as the integration of our machines in existing production lines and company networks. This integration means you get the most out of the competitive advantages that digitisation offers. We are among the ultimate pioneers in our specialised fields. This complete service requires the necessary technical know-how.

Maximum efficiency

We deliver, install and configure your machines fully ready for operation. All machines are calibrated and tested by our technicians to ensure optimal performance.

We obviously provide your employees with the necessary training before the final handover so you gain maximum efficiency from your investment.

You can always count on our service team

The Smans service team keeps your machines and production lines in prime condition. You are also free to conclude a preventive maintenance contract. In that case we take the initiative of making arrangements in line with the appropriate maintenance intervals. Maintenance or call-outs on demand are also among the options.

Make things easy for yourself and go for a maintenance contract

Preventive maintenance is absolutely necessary to also enjoy maximum efficiency from your machines and installations in the long term for the population of printed-circuit boards or wire assembly.

When you conclude a preventive maintenance contract, we consult on the appropriate maintenance frequency for your machinery. We contact you in good time to plan this appointment.

During proactive maintenance we check the correct operation of the installation and make adjustments where necessary.

All forms of maintenance can be offered

Our versatile service team takes responsibility for all possible maintenance activities

Examples include the required mechanical maintenance, any cleaning tasks, the correct calibrating of the machines, carrying out testing and quality controls, etc.

If you have a maintenance contract, you receive a detailed report of the work carried out after each maintenance session.

Production stoppages kept to the absolute minimum

Our service team is always available should there be a fault or technical problems. We arrive as quickly as possible to keep any production stoppages to an absolute minimum.

And besides the machines, Smans also supplies the consumables

We not only supply the machines needed by the electronics sector (SMT) and companies operating in wire assembly, we also supply these companies with the appropriate consumables.

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