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Electronics, cables and wiring… a marvellously dynamic world. Your world. Your company puts in a top performance each and every day. Quality, productivity improvement and process optimisation are key here. And you need excellent machinery and know-how to achieve all this. At Smans, we’ve got you covered.

The Smans Academy takes care of everything for you and gets the best out of your human capital.

Is your team’s know-how up-to-date?

With a future-proof range of training we teach new recruits the basics of electronics and cable and wire assembly and we raise already experienced programmers and operators to a higher level. Standard or customised training, theory and practice, with certificate of participation.

customer Testimonials


Our employees needed a refreshment on hand soldering and the Smans Academy was able to fully meet this need.
Thanks to the years of experience of teacher Bart van de Lisdonk, we have learned a lot from both the theoretical part and the practical part.
The course was very detailed and instructive. On the basis of practical examples, everything was clearly explained.

Beschutte werkplaats Zottegem

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