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You and your colleagues are the engine of the company. Day in, day out, you ensure a quality end product. To achieve that, insight into the processes behind the product is necessary.

Do you have sufficient basic knowledge of electronics and/or cable & wire processing? Do you know the standards to achieve the highest quality every day and feel self-confident in the performance of your job?

Achieve synergy between process, operator and technology

The Smans Academy will lift your process know-how to a higher level. Both theory and practice are covered extensively. Our training courses are not linked to a brand product, but to the process.

So whether you are a machine operator or a process engineer, we have a suitable training for every profile! Thanks to the Smans Academy, you will learn to deal better with daily challenges and you will help to increase productivity and quality.

Get to know our training offer and become the star in your job!

customer Testimonials

score 3/5

The Cable & Wire training made us aware of the work we are doing. The theory was instructive and clearly explained.


score 4/5

Our team found the Basic Cable & Wire Training very interesting. Because of the level of knowledge varies from person to person, it has been useful to create a generic foundation.
As from now they all have the same starting point. It is worth repeating.


score 4/5

In order to improve the quality of our soldering process, our whole team of manufacturing engineers followed the Smans Academy on soldering. The training is an interesting mix of the theory behind the techniques - which we use every day - and the practical experience of the teacher.

E.D.&A. nv

score 4/5

Our employees needed a refreshment on hand soldering and the Smans Academy was able to fully meet this need.
Thanks to the years of experience of teacher Bart van de Lisdonk, we have learned a lot from both the theoretical part and the practical part.
The course was very detailed and instructive. On the basis of practical examples, everything was clearly explained.

Beschutte werkplaats Zottegem


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