Wave soldering for PCB

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Brief description

In this in-depth theoretical and practical training course, we teach you everything you need to know about wave soldering, the process and variables. We look at the consumables, their chemical side and the machine settings. Together, we analyse possible soldering faults and corresponding solutions.


  • The wave soldering machine
  • Fluxer module
  • Air knife
  • Pre-heating types
  • The soldering bath
  • The wave formers
  • Alloys and contaminants
  • Bath maintenance
  • Nitrogen
  • Flux chemicals
  • Residue after soldering
  • Faults and possible solutions


Documentation is provided
Dates* 18/09/2023
Price on request
Location in our Smans Technology Center or at your company
Number of participants max. 8
Participant level basic prior knowledge soldering required
Target group experienced personnel, persons responsible for the process

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