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Komax Microlab 55 brings quality control WAAK to a new level

Komax microlab 55 Waak

WAAK Electrical Wiring Systems has been a supplier of cabling for more than fifty years. Supplying quality is very important to WAAK. The quality control WAAK was using was out-dated and needed replacement. WAAK has asked Smans to get the quality control ready for the future. At the start of 2018, Smans supplied the Komax Microlab 55, which enabled the new quality control. The results are visible immediately. The Microlab 55 ensures better visual imaging, faster processing and analysis (more measurements in the same time) and places the data of that analysis automatically in reports.

Determine quality and analyse deviations

The Microlab 55 enables micrographs to be produced of crimp wire-contact combinations and IDC-clamp connections. WAAK uses these images to ascertain the quality of the process, component or tooling. When a new process is started, first a production release takes place. This can only be done after the Microlab 55 has analysed it. Also with the selection of components, WAAK analyses if there are any deviations from the supplier specifications. When a process is released, it will be analysed periodically. If there is any wear and tear on the used machines, it can be determined this way. If there are any deviations or problems with the completed product, WAAK uses the Microlab 55 to conduct further investigations.

Old process needed replacement

In the old process, samples were processed the same way, however the individual tooling that wasn’t adjusted to one another, did not comply with current standards. The setup consisted of several processing units from different suppliers, which were no longer up to date. Processing of large wire sections was impossible with these systems. The sharpening unit was worn and the microscope camera did not live up to the current imaging techniques. For WAAK this was reason enough to find a new solution in cooperation with Smans.

More velocity and better quality

After Smans had instructed the staff of WAAK, the Microlab 55 was taken into use. The result of this investment became visible immediately: WAAK processes large wiring sections with the Microlab 55 now too. Besides, the images are better and more analysis can be made in the same time. This is due to an important feature of the Microlab 55: the data of the analysis is placed automatically in the reports. At WAAK the quality control has been lifted to a whole new level!


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