AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN – Parallel or sequential cleaning of two stencils


The new kolb AQUBE® systems are next-generation cleaning systems – even more efficient, even more compact, easy to handle and maintain, pre-equipped for extended water management and ready for the smart factory (SF ready).

AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN is a high-end dual chamber PowerSpray® system for the thorough parallel or squential cleaning of two stencils, which provides excellent cleaning results in a short cycle time.

AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN cleans two stencils up to 900 x 800 mm (35 “x 32”), making it especially suitable for large-scale manufacturing. While common systems with double capacity have to wait until two stencils are ready for cleaning or until the running cleaning cycle has ended, AQUBE® MV8 sTWIN can start cleaning one stencil immediately and a second one later (sequential) or in parallel.



  • Two full-fledged process chambers for parallel or sequential cleaning
  • Two tank system with four separate circuits
  • Digital Factory ready: DNAccess, remote control, traceability (PLC data scanning and memorizing)
  • Fully automatic 4step process: cleaning, MediumWipe®, rinsing (tap water), drying with warm air
  • Vertical fourfold rotor system with asynchronous spray rotors for thorough wetting (no blind spots)
  • XPower magnetic coupled pumping system
  • Short cycle time (approx. 7 min.) depending on used detergent and contamination
  • ClosedLoop reprocessing of cleaning and rinsing fluids as standard feature
  • Water-free operation possible: Instead of water the system can use a suitable cleaning / rinsing detergent for rinsing
  • Process and service intervals PLC controlled
  • Event issuing and software control via high resolution 7″ display with capacitive multi-touch
  • PLC data recording and importing by scanner possible
  • EDGELESS Design and VARIccess® maintenance access: maximum capacity on a very small footprint

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