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Brady Wraptor A6500 in-line with Komax cable cut and strip equipment

Wraptor A6500 in-line integration with Komax cut-strip machines

Enable fully automated in-line cable identification in cable & wire processing

  • Automated print and application of labels on cables & wires
  • Seamless in-line integration in cable processing
  • Supports Komax cut and strip equipment


Wraptor A6500 in-line with Komax cable cut and strip equipment

Completely automate the labour-intensive task of identifying individual cables and wires to improve labelling accuracy and efficiency while reducing cost.
The Wraptor A6500 model can be used in line with Komax cut and strip machines.

The BradyPrinter Wraptor A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator now offers even more automation opportunities. Further increase the speed of workflows by integrating the Wraptor with a Komax cut and strip system for faster cable preparation and handling.

The Wraptor A6500 is compatible with Komax Cut and Strip machines to the extent both can be used completely in-line so customers can fully automate labeling processing steps and, as a result, increase the accuracy and efficiency of their production as well as reduce costs.


  • Increases production output by printing and applying a wrap-around cable label in 5 seconds
  • Integrates quickly in production environments through a variety of connection options
  • Labels a wide range of cables from 1.52 mm to 15.24 mm diameter
  • Stores and reuses commonly used label designs
  • Works smoothly and is easy to operate with a highly responsive full colour touch screen interface

Komax models supported

The Wraptor A6500 supports these Komax cut and strip systems:

  • Kappa 310
  • Kappa 315
  • Kappa 320
  • Kappa 330
  • Kappa 331
  • Kappa 340
  • Kappa 350
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