New Ersa X-Tool Vario for classic TH-technology


THT desoldering in no time – Ersa X-TOOL VARIO the new standard in conventional through-hole-technology

The new X-TOOL VARIO convinces with highly efficient 150 W heating technology. Desoldering tasks getting conventional tools to their limits are solved brilliantly by the X-TOOL VARIO.  The design of the heating element and the desoldering tip ensure an efficient thermal transfer and a fast evacuation of the extracted solder.  For the user the ergonomic handle means relaxed working with a healthy hand position. The slim shape of the heating head and the desoldering tip allow desoldering even on tightly packed PCBs.  The residual solder is visible at all times in the transparent residual solder container. If necessary the residual solder container can be cleaned in no time.  Like in other Ersa tools the X-TOOL VARIO is equipped with a motion sensor thus the standby function and the idle mode can be used optimally to save energy and prolongue the lifetime of the desoldering tip.  Like in the proven X-TOOL the desoldering tips of the X-TOOL VARIO can be easily plugged in and can be changed in no time.

Technical highlights:

  • „„150 W heating power, Sensotronic
  • „„Short heating-up period (< 35 sec)
  • „„700 mbar extraction vacuum
  • „„Short response period for suction
  • „„Transparent residual solder container
  • „„Ergonomic handle for a healthy hand position
  • „„Versatile range of desoldering tips

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