Rittmeyer AM.ALL.ROUND.AUTO ~ programmable cable dismantling machine


Cable and wire processing has to be very precise. Quality standards are becoming more demanding, especially for processing high-voltage and shielded cables.

To meet these high quality standards, reliable equipment for fast processing with consistent quality is required.

Are you currently losing a lot of time with dismantling your cables?
Are you still doing this manually?


The AM.ALL.ROUND AUTO from German manufacturer Rittmeyer is a programmable cable dismantling machine.

We list some of its features:

Digitally adjustable via touch-screen panel

↦ Cutting depth can be provided with wayback

Programmable grippers to determine cable pressure yourself

Compatible with barcode scanner for processing digital work orders

↦ Optionally extendable for longer stripping lengths up to 630 mm

Check out our short product video in which our colleague Stef is happy to introduce the machine to you.

What makes this machine unique?

In short, the “be-ri SIX.TEC Principle”.
We explain briefly.

A standard machine has a 2-blade head to strip the cable.
The AM.ALL.ROUND.AUTO K2 has a Prismatic Blade Head with 6 (!) blades.

What advantage does this have now?

Continuous adjustment of all diameters of the work area
↦ Almost radial contact towards the cables and lines insulating layers.
This provides more grip on the cable for better dismantling and less chance of scraping the outer jacket
Even distribution of the press-on forces
↦ Easily programmable
↦ Processing complex cables also possible
In the pictures below, you can clearly see the difference between strips with 2-blade head and 6-blade head.

Cable stripped with 2-blade head

Cable stripped with 6-blade head



Are you totally into the story?

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Now free Prismatic Blade Head worth 2,000.00 EUR
with the purchase of a Rittmeyer AM.ALL.ROUND.AUTO K2

Promotion valid until 30 June 2023 or while stocks last.

Last but not least…
We currently still have a few machines in stock so decide quickly!
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