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Stripping machines Komax MIRA

Are you already using them for your wire processing?

The Mira range from Komax are stripping machines that make the stripping of wires much more precise and efficient. In the past year we have been able to convince many customers to work with these machines.


Some advantages at a glance

  • Wire stripping length up to 72 mm.
  • Handling wire thickness of 0.01 – 16mm²: You can process different types of wire with just one machine
  • Rotating stripping head: Even stripping wires with Teflon or rubber insulation is effortless.
  • Sequential wire processing: With a multicable, stripping the outer jacket and inner conductors can be done in one go, without having to reset the machine.


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What our customers say…

“We used to process sensor cables with standard V-knives. The disadvantage of this is that you always have to find a compromise for the right settings. With the Komax MIRA, we process the cables with a rotary stripping head, which makes the finish much neater and we have less wire waste.”
Arrow Productions (NL)
Mira 340

“We process multicables with uneven outer insulation that we can cut very precisely with the Mira 340 and, thanks to the sequential processing, only have to grasp once.”
Cables & Connections (BE)
Mira 340

“Because quality is of paramount importance to us, we purchased the Mira 340Q. With the rotary cutting head, you get clean cuts, which ensures a high-quality strip. The built-in quality control of the cut is an absolute plus.
Thanks to the preset programmes and link with barcode scanner, our employees can work quickly and no errors occur.”
Beschutte Werkplaats Zottegem (BE)

Mira 340Q

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