twinALL – The flexible double-pack! (dispensing and pick & place)


Perfectly matched to the 40 th anniversary the FRITSCH company offers an effective solution for flexible and enlarged production throughout with the new twinALL.

twinALL means the connection of two full-automatic machines with the help of a coordinated inline-system.

The link of the dispenseALL with the placeALL® enables high-flexible dispensing and pick & place. The dispenseALL can be equipped with various dispensing valves.Touchless jetting of solder paste reduces the costs of stencils and storage, encreases the various of production especially small and medium lots. Customary solder pastes of types 5, 6 or 7 are in use. Additional to the extremely fast dispensing valve Piezo-Jet, FRITSCH offers electro-pneumatic jet-valves, pneumatic dispensing valves and archimedic screw valves. Applications like for example the Underfilling, Dam and Fill, Globetop or the dispensing of solder paste are standard.The re-dispensing of difficult components is also avoided like the purchase of high cost stepped stencils.

The edited program is directly created by the CAD Data and uses in software integrated dispensing library in combination with the parameters of pick & place. Both processing steps – dispensing and pick & place – are full-automatic and the integration of more optional machines like the reflow oven are as a matter of course. There is the possibility to produce with each machine seperate, too. Therefore is the option to realize simultanous various projects.

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