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Komax – Micropull 10

The MicroPull 10 table device can be perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs.

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The MicroPull 10 table device can be perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs. Whether single measurements with or without standard specifications for quick checking of a pull-off force value or verification of a measurement series, the operator will always be able to select the right mode for the job. Operating the device is easy and intuitive with our completely redeveloped user interface.
Intelligent verification
Pre-configured measurement modes enable the user to customize the device for individual client standards. The MicroPull 10 supports the user in defining and evaluating the measurement task. In the process, errors typically made through definition, execution and evaluation are reduced to a minimum. Access rights can be limited on a user-dependent basis.
Effective verification of your standards
Easy integration of your verification standards allows you to accomplish any necessary tests with one push of the button. The MicroPull 10 performs the evaluation and displays the results to the user in one view. It is possible to access all measurement results and to perform the necessary verifications at any point.
Your tool for detailed testing
Thanks to its various additional features, the MicroPull 10 is well-suited for detailed process quality testing. Using the integrated statistics mode, measurements can be easily performed on site. In addition to the usual determination of pull-off force, retaining forces can also be specified with dwell times.

Length154 mm
Width404 mm
Height120 mm
Weight10.5 kg
Power240 VAC / 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Compressed airNo

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