BERI.CO.MAX V2: A wire stripping machine designed for special cables (high voltage)


We are glad to present the completely revised BERI.CO.MAX V2. This video presents the most important technical functions and characteristics. The BERI.CO.MAX V2 is a coax machine for big cables and designed for the precise stripping of coax cables from about 1,0 mm (0.04”) up to 24,0 mm (0.95”) OD and for stripping length up to 100,0 mm (3.94”). This machine allows an operating range unique up to now.

Coaxial-cable stripping machine

outer diameter up to 0.95″ (24,0 mm)
stripping length up to 3.94″ (100,0 mm)

– linear adjustment of the blades and centering for highest precision
– solid stop rod for accurate stripping length
– easy and quick change of blades
– further information in the brochure

BERI.CO.MAX V2 – Stripping corrugated cables & sucoform cables

Optionally, you can use a stripping head with four knives where all knife blades are on the same cutting line for exact right-angled cut. With this head it is possible to strip:
– sucoform cables
– corrugated cables

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