New die-sets for the GLW Electro Crimper EC 65 are available.


For high quality crimping of terminals the choice of the die-set is essential. GLW introduces new die-sets for the GLW Electro Crimper 65.
All die-sets are made of high quality materials combined with a very accurate production.

Check this link for all available die-sets

You need help in choosing the right die-set? Contact Smans NV.


About GLW Electric Crimper EC 65

The Electric Crimper EC 65 allows crimping a wide variety of different contacts. The crimping process is actuated by foot switch. Both hands are free to insert wire and contact into the crimping die. The contact can be retained before crimping process starts just by selecting the additional two-step operating mode. This simplifies the processing of complex crimp contacts and avoids faulty crimps. The width of the opening of the die is adjustable in 5 steps. The die can be easily changed with just a few hand movements.

For individual requirements, we manufacture crimping dies to customerꞌs specifications. On request we create a sectional view of the crimped contact for quality assurance.
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