Smans nv secures its future

On Monday October 16 2017 has Norbert Smans fully transferred the shares of Smans NV to Aad Vermaat, Nick Janssens and Jan Van Lieshout who all are familiar to you for many years. We would like to express you personally:

Norbert – I handle over the flag to a professional team with great confidence. My employees stay in good hands. I wish the whole crew the same pleasure with their future as I have experienced. I would like to thank you all who have given your trust to our company over the years.
Aad – a unique opportunity to achieve a “dream”. With a very dedicated Smans Team and your support we together keep on building a bright and successful future.
Nick – After 12 years, it is no longer just talking about a job but about a life story. This is therefore the best opportunity for me to give this life story a second chapter. Together with my great colleagues, we remain faithful to support from our customers and suppliers.
Jan – After many years on Norbert’s side in the daily management of Smans, I am very honored to be able to continue this magnificent Company together with 2 trusted colleagues Aad and Nick. This gives us a solid and steady base for a long and successful future.
Smans NV remains under its known name as well as the complete team remains their jobs and positions.
In order to have a smooth transfer, Norbert will be active at Smans until the end of November 2017.
If you may have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
With Best Regards,


Norbert Smans

Aad Vermaat

Nick Janssens

Jan Van Lieshout

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