Our great Partnerships

Mission Statement

Autosplice is a global manufacturer involved in design engineering, precision metal stamping, injection molding, custom automation and manufacturing of state-of-the-art products for the
automotive, medical, telecom and other major industries. To increase customer satisfaction, quality, reliability and operational environmental protection all the time and improve all necessary processes and the management system is not just an obligation but a self-evident goal.
The conscious and economical use of resources such as energy, water, raw materials and supplies is of particular importance.
Employee satisfaction is very important to us. Only satisfied and motivated employees enable us to meet the demands of the market, the customers as well as the Group. We promote this through a variety of measures within the company.

Vision Statement

All our activities are customer orientated. The partnership-based cooperation with our customers supports the opportunity of better understanding the market and being able to implement these insights in the company in a future-oriented way.

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Our great Partnerships