Our great Partnerships

Schnaidt GmbH has been a byword for quality, innovation, competence, openness and effectiveness for over 30 years.

We in your Schnaidt GmbH team want to further strengthen your confidence in our continually improving equipment and make your production more effective, efficient and reliable.
Our equipment and resources are mainly employed in the production of electronic assemblies, and we provide support in this respect in our core CuttingTechnology, SolderingTechnology and ProcessEngineering segments for customers involved in telecommunications, medical technology, energy technology, the automotive industry, aeronautics, the defence industry and many other sectors.

We also regard consideration of user-friendly workplace processes, optimum economic utilisation and the best possible working results to be self-evident.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal!

A high degree of openness is important to achieve this goal – openness to innovation and, most importantly, openness in communication between you and us.

Over 80 employees are at your service at two locations in Ammerbuch-Altingen and Cologne/Porz-Gremberghoven with the latest machinery to realise your ideas and address your wishes and requests. This brochure not only aims to provide you with an overview of our range of services but, more importantly, to show you that we are not “merely” a manufacturer of operational equipment, but a service company providing solutions for your tasks.

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Our great Partnerships