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Interflux® Electronics N.V. regards quality, safety and environmental protection as essential requirements of its operations. Interflux® Electronics N.V. will conduct its business in a manner which protects the environment of the customers, employees and communities in which it operates.

Guiding principles

Interflux® Electronics NV is committed to …

  • Promoting continuous improvement throughout the management system.
  • Ensuring efficient usage of resources such as personnel, electricity, water, oil etc…
  • Taking practical steps to control and prevent the disposal of various types of waste.
  • Preventing waste, pollution and nonconforming products through review of the processes, assessing new technologies and research & design, including for environment.
  • Adhering to relevant regulations applicable to each facility.
  • Initiating and encouraging communication within the Interflux® group and the customers.
  • Encouraging employees to co-operate and take initiatives concerning quality, safety, environment and waste and emission prevention.
  • Ensuring that employees have the knowledge, resources and the authority to implement these guiding principles.
  • Ensuring that the environmental policy is known and made available to the public.
  • Integrating and promoting environmental considerations in product design controlled by Interflux® Electronics N.V.
  • Defining the term environment as consisting of occupational health and safety along with the outer environment.
  • Ensuring that suppliers and contractors understand their requirements in relation to the prevention and control of pollution.
  • Implementing other requirements where applicable, either internally or externally.
  • Only delivering products which comply to the customer requirements and the requirements of Interflux® Electronics N.V.

Recent investments

  • All the buildings of the headquarters in Ghent are connected to a reed bed sewage treatment system. Construction of a flower field for the purification of the waste water. Interflux® Electronics has the status “zero discharge”.
  • A photovoltaic solar power installation is providing ‘green’ power to the offices and production buildings.
  • Electric bikes have been purchased for the employees.
  • Electric car has been purchased to reduce the CO2 emissions of our company.
  • Solderwire production is expanded to reduce delivery times.
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Our great Partnerships