Our great Partnerships


As a pioneering and visionary company, we ensure that our business activity has a long-term focus. We are always open to new ideas and regularly re-examine our approach. This includes looking beyond our immediate concerns. We are willing to take risks – on the basis of knowledge and understanding – in order to reinforce our leadership in terms of innovation. Following new paths can lead to mistakes. We realize and tolerate this because it gives us an opportunity to become even better. We are increasing our lead by continuing to press ahead with innovations proactively, quickly, and determinedly while remaining committed to our usual high quality standards.


The varying needs of our customers are at the center of our activities. We listen to them carefully and ask the right questions. Understanding their requirements enables us to keep on improving. We strive to ensure that our solutions offer our customers added value, so that they can increase their efficiency and productivity and thus gain a competitive advantage. We are close to our customers, communicate actively, and foster friendly, long-term relationships and partnership based on respect and esteem.


We pursue ambitious targets and make an effort to achieve them every day. As a market and technology leader we make high demands of ourselves and strive to find the best solution for our customers. Our long history of success encourages us to continue the success story and create sustainable value. This benefits our customers, employees, and investors. We want all these stakeholders to share equally in our success. We nurture competent, committed employees who enable us to retain loyal, satisfied customers.


Our day-to-day work is driven by quality and a willingness to examine what we do critically. We provide our customers with solutions that fully meet our quality requirements and supply what we have agreed. This commitment lies at the heart of our long-term, trusting customer relationships. Our efforts to keep on getting better include always delivering the agreed quality and actively asking customers how we can improve further. It is clear to us that this creates trust, which is of inestimable value.


We take our responsibility towards our customers, employees, and investors seriously and act as a reliable, trustworthy partner. Our integrity and ability to keep to our agreements and meet our deadlines make us stand out from the crowd. We keep our word and ensure that our partners and colleagues do so too. A strong sense of shared responsibility is important to us and we are careful to foster it. We take responsibility for our actions, make decisions, and carry them out. If we pass our responsibility on to others, we do so deliberately and ensure that they assume it in turn.

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Our great Partnerships