Our great Partnerships

MECALBI is a Portuguese based company established since 2006 in Castelo Branco and since the beginning the main target market has been the automotive industry.

Designed as a mechatronic company for the automotive industry, started by developing solutions on-demand. Throughout the years, it has grown to become specialized on the development and production of heat shrink systems, being today a part of the daily work of all major cable harness manufacturers. With a very strong client focused policy, combined with the fact that all projects and solutions are conceived, designed, manufactured and assembled “in house”, Mecalbi provides an excellent service, reactiveness and efficiency to the increasing demands and expectations of its clients.

Mecalbi is today a worldwide company working for the global market. The foreign market represents over 99% of production. It’s represented in four continents by local partners who provide commercial and technical support.

Globally, it’s a key player in the heat shrink segment and it’s acknowledged as the specialist when comes to this kind of solutions.


Mecalbi Internal Policy

Mecalbi’s policy is oriented to continuous improvement and is based on 5 fundamental pillars:

  1. Customer satisfaction concerning products and services provided, directing to exceed explicit and implicit expectations using the best practices and available solutions in terms of quality, safety, costs and reliability.
  2. Satisfaction of the Organization based on growth and sustainability in target markets and the return on capital invested.
  3. Satisfaction of employees by ensuring a healthy working environment, the well-being of people, providing adequate training, performance appraisal, career development and recognition of merits.
  4. Satisfaction of partners and suppliers, honoring established commitments and facilitating sustained mutual growth.
  5. Satisfaction of the Society in general by complying with legal and regulatory requirements and the establishment of cooperative relations with public and social entities.
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Our great Partnerships